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Puppy Teething

When a puppy is teething, it is normal for them to become excessively nippy.  We need to remember that, just like a toddler growing in their teeth, it is uncomfortable and sometimes painful for a puppy as well.  the best way to manage them when they are teething is to keep them busy and give them lots of frozen treats to try to help numb their gums.

Puppies don't get all their adult teeth in until they are about 6 months old.  Anywhere from 3-8 months your pup will be teething and need some good chews to be able to help alleviate some of the discomfort they are experiencing.

Rope Toys These can be very useful when your puppy is teething.  They are a nice thing for your pup to chew on to help pass the time (watch that they don't tear and ingest any of the strings) and very versatile.  You can soak and freeze rope toys to help with the soreness of their mouth.  Keep in mind that sodium is not good for a dog in large quantities, so either soak in water, low sodium broth or a home…


All puppies are going to go through a stage of nipping.  Puppies don't have hands to help them explore the world around them, so naturally they are going to grab, taste and tug on anything new that is introduced to them.  Their mouth is their hands, so we need to help them understand from a young age what is acceptable to put their mouth on and what is not.  Please note that nipping may become worse around teething time as it is uncomfortable for the pup to grow in those adult teeth.  Refer to our post on Puppy Teething and how to help minimize the nipping with management of their pain.

Some puppies will go through a more intense period because of their genetics.  Dog breeds that are a working breed are more likely to have a more intense nip stage.  Examples: herding dogs: boarder collies, Australian shepherds, cattle dogs, etc; working dogs: German Shepherds, Malinois, Belgian Shepherds, etc.

There are a few different methods that we can try to help your pup understand that teeth…